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Podcast Investeerimisklubiga

Kaks nädalat tagasi, reedel, oli meil au lindistada esimene podcast Investeerimisklubiga, Eesti suurima avaliku investeermiskogukonnaga. Podcasti eesmärk oli tutvustada BitOfProperty’t laialdasemalt nii alustavatele kui ka kogenud investoritele ning mõista firma ärimudelit lähemalt. Lisaks sellele puudutasime ka esimese eduka tehingu tagamaid kui ka firma tulevikuplaane ja -perspektiive.

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Newsletter: Podcast|Platform|BIT002

Podcast with Investment Club

About two weeks ago, we had an honour to do a podcast with Estonian Investment Club, the biggest public investor community in Estonia, where both starting and experienced investors can share experiences/ideas and gain more knowledge together in the investment space. The aim for this podcast was to introduce BitOfProperty to wider audience and to understand the business behind it. Also, we touched the first deal that was successfully funded on our platform and future plans/perspective for the company.

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BitOfProperty is here – investing in real estate has never been easier

The time has finally come. We are glad to announce that BitOfProperty is now LIVE and ready to on-board people interested in investing in real estate. Our operations are set up, platform built and legal framework has been worked out. The platform is constantly improving as we are integrating more features and functionality in the months to come. Continue Reading


Saa osa uudsest kinnisvarasse investeerimise viisist

BitOfProperty korraldas hiljuti oma esimese seminari, kus arutasime ühisrahastusest, kinnisvara ühisinvesteerimisest ning vaatasime ka kuidas näeb välja praegu arendamisel olev beta platvorm.

Soovime tänada kõiki, kes tulid seminarile!

BitOfProperty‘l on plaanis korraldada tulevikus veel seminare, kus käsitleme erinevaid teemasid, mis on seotud kinnisvaraga.

Kas soovid olla esimeste seas ja saada osa uudsest kinnisvarasse investeerimise viisist?

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Our very first event!

BitOfProperty hosted recently its very first event, where we talked about crowdfunding and real estate crowdinvesting. In addition, those who came had a unique opportunity to see BitOfProperty‘s beta platform.

Thank you everybody, who came to the event!

Due to high demand for the participation, we couldn’t accommodate everyone who was interested, but we’ll try better next time 🙂

BitOfProperty is planning to host series of events in the months to come. Topics will vary, but will always be linked with real estate.

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