Changing the way we invest in real estate

BitOfProperty is here to change how we invest in real estate. With the power of group purchasing we enable people to invest in real estate incrementally as well as sell their investments when they are ready.

Our new platform is going LIVE in coming weeks! Be the first to get access!


List and view properties


View properties


People can list their properties for sale on the platform by filling out a short application. You can sell your entire property or just liquidate part of it – up to you to decide!

View properties in multiple countries and various styles. Save the ones that catch your eye. Compare your favourites and choose which are right for you.




Information and transparency

A fully transparent platform detailing all aspects of every project. Additionally, an immersive 3D/VR experience of each property.

All purchases are transacted across the Ethereum blockchain providing immutable record of ownership by a unique ERC20 compatible token. Investments are held in line with industry best practices and independently of BitOfProperty.




Gain knowledge about the potential property investment


Making an investment is just 3 simple steps away

  1. Verify your identity
  2. Add money to your account
  3. Enter the amount & invest




Monthly cashflow and easy liquidation

Start earning income from your investments in a form of rent. Track your income generated, yield and overall performance through your dashboard.

Real estate provides a great opportunity to earn consistent income in the form of rent. Being tied to a physical asset provides the stability that many investors desire. As with any other asset class real estate is cyclical, however, long term trends are continuously positive and volatility typically lower.

Don’t want to wait until the real estate is sold? Go ahead and sell you investment to other investors on the platform when you are ready.

BitOfProperty is going LIVE with the new platform in the coming weeks! Get an early access to the platform!


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