New way of real estate investing just around the corner

The wait is almost over. BitOfProperty is about to launch the platform with our first deals to invest in.
Before that we would like to share with you what we have been up to for the past couple of months.

Platform development

It has been 2 months since we started building our own real estate crowdinvesting platform and we are absolutely thrilled to take it LIVE this November.
Our team is positive that blockchain is and will be the technology, which is going to disrupt the real estate industry and that is why we are also implementing this on our platform.
The platform has got its beautiful look and refined touch from talented and professional designers, whose design and user experience flow has received outstanding feedback from the first platform testers.

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First properties on the platform

As we are about to go LIVE, our team is actively searching for great properties for our investors. We have spotted a couple of extremely attractive properties to engage in and today we are in the middle of compiling all the necessary documents, financial projections etc. We are planning to list them on the platform very soon after the launch.


BitOfProperty hosted several meetups in Singapore and in Tallinn, Estonia. During these events we spoke about the real estate crowdfunding market, discussed about BitOfProperty’s concept and also showcased parts of our product. We are definitely planning to host similar events in the future about different topics related to real estate.

Safe and sound investments

We have been working day and night with our legal partner NjordLaw to make sure that all the investments and operations on the platform are safe and sound for everybody. All the legal documents are currently being finalized and will be available for all the users once we have gone live. (1)


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