BitOfProperty is here – investing in real estate has never been easier

The time has finally come. We are glad to announce that BitOfProperty is now LIVE and ready to on-board people interested in investing in real estate. Our operations are set up, platform built and legal framework has been worked out. The platform is constantly improving as we are integrating more features and functionality in the months to come.

The first property on the platform

The timing of going LIVE couldn’tGroup be better, as we have listed the first deal on the platform together with the launch. Not only can you sign up and read about us/what do we do, but you can experience it first hand by becoming a real estate investor yourself.

SpaceCube (BIT001) is the name of the first project on the platform. Its an apartment building with 33 units adjacent to the Tallinn University of Technology and one of these units is listed on BitOfProperty platform enabling people to invest at their own comfort level.

There are more than 20,000 young professionals and students, who desire an affordable, chic and convenient place to live. These are some of the reasons which make SpaceCube an excellent investment opportunity in regards to cashflow and capital appreciation.


To get more information about the investment opportunity go to our platform.

Don’t miss out on the first deal. There is still room for you to join the others and become one of the first investor in properties on BitOfProperty.


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