Newsletter: Podcast|Platform|BIT002

Podcast with Investment Club

About two weeks ago, we had an honour to do a podcast with Estonian Investment Club, the biggest public investor community in Estonia, where both starting and experienced investors can share experiences/ideas and gain more knowledge together in the investment space. The aim for this podcast was to introduce BitOfProperty to wider audience and to understand the business behind it. Also, we touched the first deal that was successfully funded on our platform and future plans/perspective for the company.


Unfortunately, this podcast was recorded in Estonian. We do hope to have one in English pretty soon.

In case some of you are curious, you can listen to the podcast HERE.



Platform update

We are testing and fine-tuning the last parts of the platform update to bring more features and functionality to you. We are planning to roll out Dashboard, My Wallet, simpler investment flow and many other things before Christmas. This makes the investment process seamless and easier for the investors. In addition, the platform will be then partly on Ethereum blockchain, saving current and upcoming deals on blockchain. This is the key to bring transparency and safety to the projects/title deeds/investors.

We are very excited to come out with platform upgrade and bring better experience to all of you.



On 27th of November, we successfully closed our first deal on the platform. It was a studio apartment in an apartment building, which is currently under renovation. Total amount for the deal was €82,000 and it took 2 weeks to fund the whole project. In the investment there are 40 investors, which makes the average investment €2,050 and the median investment €1,000 (minimum investment ticket was €500). About 78% of the investors were from Estonia and 22% overseas.

Kuklike coming soon

Today we are already working on the next deal, BIT002. Next property will be listed once the platform upgrade has been finished, which should be in the coming weeks. As we grow together with you, we will give our best to make every new investment experience better.

Keep your eyes and ears open, as we will publish information about BIT002 soon!




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