New project DepotHouse


BitOfProperty is launching its new project, DepotHouse, on the 29th August 2018. Here we are providing investors with an opportunity to invest in three newly developed, high-quality apartments.

DepotHouse is a unique investment project that will see the construction of 73 fully functional guest apartment and office spaces, with an estimated completion by the end of the year.

The property itself is located on Juurdeveo Street, Kitseküla, a subdistrict in Tallinn. It is within a short walking distance of the city centre, located in a well-established residential area with great public transport links nearby, making it a convenient place to live and commute around the capital of Estonia. For the past few years, Kitseküla district has been constantly improving, and with more commercial buildings planned for the future, the area will continue to develop and realize its potential.

Furthermore, throughout the following years Juurdeveo Street will be reconstructed by the Tallinn City Administration to provide a better living environment for the community, and also make the area more passable for cars and pedestrians.

The furnished studio apartments offer an affordable stay for students and young professionals who are looking to maximise their quality of life. Alternatively smaller businesses can use the studios as offices. Considering the above, we believe this project fits perfectly with our vision. The demand for small studio apartments and offices is strong. The property is a new development, has minimal administration fees and is located in a developing environment,  making the asset liquid and reducing the investment risk. The main reason for choosing this as a new investment opportunity is because of the strong capital growth forecast going forward. Additionally, investors are guaranteed a passive income for 24 months with a 7% return rate.

As our goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to invest, we allow investments for this project starting from €50.

Further details about DepotHouse will be available on our platform on the 22nd August 2018. This will be a pre-launch period when investors can pre-book an investment via email in one of the three apartments.


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