Everything you wanted to know about BitOfProperty, but were too afraid to ask

Our new investment opportunity DepotHouse is out, great! Seems appealing, but how exactly investing in properties from BitOfProperty platform work? Getting started with BitOfProperty requires just a few steps, here’s how it works:

Sign up

To create a free account, simply click on the „Sign up/Log in“ page and provide us with your full name, email, and password. Next confirm your email by clicking the link in the email received, and your personal BitOfProperty investment account is made!

Profile verification

Profile verification is a mandatory procedure needed for „Know Your Customer“ (KYC) purposes to help us identify investors and assess any potential risks of illegal intentions such as money laundering. Users will not be able to invest nor transfer funds to their account until their profile is verified. Once you have provided us with your details, we will send you an email regarding whether the verification was successful or not.


We source our properties from individuals, real estate agents/brokers, advisors and key partners, giving you the opportunity to invest in both residential and commercial properties. BitOfProperty will do thorough due diligence process for all properties in order to make sure only the best ones are put on the platform. The process includes a technical inspection and financial calculations to understand the condition of the property and estimated returns. Each individual property page has information about the particular project that will serve you as guidance to making your decision regards to investing.

Add Funds

As mentioned, users will be able to start transferring funds to their wallet once a successful KYC procedure has been carried out. Then you can deposit money by clicking „Add funds“ on the platform’s header. You can always track your funds, money invested, income received, and reserved investment amount by clicking on the „My Wallet“ page. 


When you make an investment, your share will be calculated by dividing your investment amount with the total investment amount. All purchases are held in line with industry best practices and transacted across the Ethereum Blockchain providing immutable record of ownership and bringing more safety and transparency to the deals. You can always track your investments on the „Dashboard“ page. Additionally, BitOfProperty will send you monthly updates on your investments.

Receive income

According to the share you own, you can expect to start receiving monthly rental income after the first month once the property is bought, as well as  at the end of the investment term once the property is sold.

Still seems too confusing? Contact us or look up our team members individually – we will make sure all your questions will be answered!


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