Webinar #1 BitOfProperty: Property investing made simple. DepotHouse deal.

It is important for any active investor to keep their portfolios diversified, but is real estate investing the right way to go?

Real estate investing can be a good source for passive income and one of the ways how to build up your wealth over the long run. At the same time it might seem that property investing requires a lot of money up front, or it is expected to have a lot of ongoing work after investing.

No doubt, that some part of that is true, but recent time has shown that there are new approaches that simplify the real estate investment process. One of such approaches are provided by BitOfProperty, a real estate investment platform, giving people the chance to invest in properties starting from smaller amounts. With its easily accessible and transparent platform, BitOfProperty provides competitive market opportunities that are typically not available to general public.

This and so much more will be presented to you during the first of the three LIVE webinars – “BitOfProperty: Property investing made simple. DepotHouse deal.” on September 14, making sure that BitOfProperty is the right way for you to invest in real estate properties. Webinar will be broadcasted at 10:00-11:00 Estonian Time (GMT +3). CLICK HERE to access the LIVE stream.

Topics covered:

What is BitOfProperty and how it works? 

Why BitOfProperty is the right way to invest in real estate? 

How is it different from other real estate investing options? 

Our ongoing deal DepotHouse and its charectaristics 

Investment returns of DepotHouse

Don’t forget to inform us that you are interested in joining the live stream by sending us an e-mail to, as well as questions you would like to answer us during the LIVE stream.


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